From Maple holistics comes an amazing shampoo and conditioner set ! Silk18

Recently I have been gifted a set of shampoo and conditioner called Silk 18 from a company I was not familiar with. As I checked their website to read and find out more about their products, I noticed they have an amazing variety of hair products, shampoo and conditioner all created with a holistic approach. The company is called and if you are looking for quality products, then you may want to read about the shampoo and conditioner that I had the pleasure to use. After using it a few times, I also asked my husband to use it so we can compare our results, and he was also satisfied that the shampoo did not dry his hair nor Read More

Chanel Sublimage Le Teint Foundation

Having tried the La Mer foundation and bought it twice, and having paid the hefty price of each bottle at $110, I since then decided that I will not be enriching makeup companies.. True they pay a lot of money to market their products, however the question remains if their products are really worth that much. I am not going to use the bottle, so a practical packaging with clean lines is great, but not overly expensive, the product itself is what is supposed to be high quality because that is what is going inside your body through the pores of your skin, and complexion. Here is another pricey high end foundation which is 30 ml, comes in a small Read More


  CHANEL LE ROUGE DUO ULTRA TENUE ULTRA WEAR LIP COLOUR This is another great creation from Chanel, the packaging is absolutely beautiful and this lip gloss comes in 16 shades and is sold at Nordstrom for $38. Would you pay $38 for a lip gloss? What makes a high end product so much more pricey compared to a drugstore brand? what are your preferences? I would not mind having one of these but I would not be running and getting five  or six colors. Unlike other Chanel products, these are made in Italy instead of France.  What it is: An ultra-saturated liquid lipstick that pairs with high-shine gloss to deliver full coverage and longwearing color. What it does: The Read More

Makeup review by Ardith McCann : Eyebrow pencil

  AFY Long lasting and Waterproof Professional Makeup Auto Eyebrow Pencil Hello everyone, this is a quick product review for you lovely readers. This beauty product is a surprisingly good and very affordable eyebrow pencil. For many months, I had been in searching in vain for an eyebrow color that would complement my blondish grey hair. All the usual brands’ version of “blonde” are in reality either light brown or some weird shade of “taupe.” None of the ones I tested looked right at all. They all made me feel like I had strange caterpillars taking roost over my eyes. One day I had an Ah Ha moment. What if I tried some shade of grey, with a blonde eyebrow Read More

Chanel baume essential multi glow stick and powder blush

Rose Petale No. 99 Another item that I love a lot from Chanel is their blushes, for which they are famous and well known. When other brands had mediocre colors, Chanel’s colors were outstanding and so pretty. One of the colors I like a lot is the Rose Petale. Unique powder blusher imparts a flattering radiance to cheeks. Remarkably silky texture for easy application and subtle shading. Accentuate cheekbones for a youthful look. Softer tones around the eyes soften expression and rejuvenate. I love these blushes so much.. This particular color is so pretty.. It costs about $45 plus tax.. Another item that just came out and that I am curious to try and test is their highlighter stick. It Read More

Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Matte Lipstick

  When it comes to lipsticks there is one brand that has excelled in creating the most durable and beautiful lipsticks and their packaging rivals with that of the most beautiful lipsticks out there.. I keep my eyes on the latest creations by YSL from time to time, as well as other high end brands to see what is available. It does not mean I am going to buy it immediately. I am sharing with you today what I saw as a new lipstick from YSL, in an orginal format. They had created a square shape lipstick in a tube a while back and now they have returned to it once again. What is it called: Slim matte lipstick  It Read More