Difference between chemical and mineral sunscreen: which is good for you?

I recently visited my dermatologist and she recommended I use a sunscreen. Something I am not too keen as it sometimes interacts with my primer and moisturizer or foundation.. so today specifically I went sunscreen hunting and I saw the one that she had recommended, from Olay 30 complete, which was about $30 something.. so I kept looking because I was not thrilled by the Olay one.. I went to the La Roche Posay section and finally after looking right and left, decided to get not one but two skincare products. One is the Anthelios 50 Mineral and the other is the Anthelios 50 Daily Anti-Aging Primer with sunscreen. Now while I was there, I checked the ingredients, and noticed Read More

Beauty in the “House” by Ardith McCann

Beauty in the “House” For those of you following my adventures in beauty while self-healing—perhaps because you yourself are challenged with a chronic ailment of the GI type—here is what is up with me. Dr. Gregory House, I Presume? Uh, no. But I am putting my best investigative skills toward better understanding and treating my disease. At this point my symptoms point more to Crohn’s than Celiac, or perhaps I have some wonderful hybrid version (wouldn’t that just be my luck). I am pretty sure my diagnosis and treatment will shift as it always did for the TV show character…and presumably with less trauma and a far better outcome for the patient. This past week I was blessed with four Read More

Caviar Stick Eye Color by Laura Mercier

What is this ? Why is is called caviar..? what does it have to do with fish eggs? Eye color would mean eye shadow then.. These sticks of waxy colors are supposed to be eyeshadow but I use them as eyeliner.. by holding them almost perpendicular to the eyelids and slowly drawing a nice full line on the lashline. Have you used them ? My favorites are the darkest colors, like black, smoke, navy and dark brown as they work well as eyeliner.. and then on top you can apply some eyeshadow of the same color if you like to give it a more smokey effect.  This one is by Laura Mercier although most brands have created one, at one Read More

Reaching A Truce With My Skincare and Beauty Regime By Ardith McCann

If you are a minimalist and realistic like my beautiful friend Ardith, then you will enjoy reading this article by her.  She always inspires me to go above and beyond and we learn from each other. I am so happy to have met such a lovely soul, thank you Ardith ! Amy There is always something to learn, especially about yourself, within the beauty universe. It certainly is never dull. Take your skin, for example. Unless you are the rare creature who was born with perfect skin and you still have it to this day, it changes over time. It will let you think you’ve mastered it for a time, but your skin generally is just lulling you into a Read More