Guerlain lait de beauté: You must try this cleansing milk

What makes a cleanser something that is worth buying when you can use other products to remove your makeup, such as coconut oil or other oils? Is it worth paying these high prices on these luxurious bottles? So many questions.. When I tried this cleanser today, it was very pleasant, lightweight and with a satin milk texture.. medium consistency and with a light trademark fragrance as per most Guerlain products. According to Guerlain’s US website, it was found that: Skin is comforted, soft and supple for 9 out of 10** women. Skin appears nourished: +36%*. *Self-assessment, 30 women, twice-daily application for four weeks. **Satisfaction test, 30 women, twice-daily application for four weeks. I decided to venture and purchase it and Read More

DIOR – Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick

Never have I been so excited by the new lipsticks from Dior. First they break away from the usual traditional navy color lip casing, and these are red, a beautiful medium case, which is a powerful color. Price? They retail each for $37 like their other lipsticks and the size is the same. What would you say is different then? The formula for sure. I am looking at each phone of each color one by one, and I know that it is not a photoshop effect but something is different about this lipstick. I am trying to debate whether I would call it metallic or not. They are described as satin and semi-matte. Exactly as I want them to be.. Read More

Multi-Miracle Glow Cleansing Balm

I have so far admired and liked most of Charlotte Tilbury’s skincare and makeup.. except just one or two. Charlotte Tilbury has a new mask which seems to be also a cleanser. Do you like a cleanser and mask in one? The reviews on this one seem to be quite good.. I am not crazy about a product that doubles up with something totally different. So when I am cleansing my face, do I leave this cream on my face so that it also acts as a mask.. then what happens to the makeup that is sitting blended with the cream. This jar retails for $60 What it is: A cream-to-oil cleanser, mask and remedy balm enriched with vitamins and floral Read More

New contact lenses and other products worth checking

Here is something I want to add after doing this video about a week ago, I tried to contact the company (*the pr person’s email who sent me this pair of lenses) and I was unable to get in touch with her. I was telling her that I was trying to buy 2 more lenses using the discount code she gave me, and i needed assistance placing the order, but no response. So as of now, I have not received a response to my 3 emails.. and cannot recommend a company who does not have customer support. you will see one or two more videos where this product will be mentioned and that were done last week and scheduled to Read More

Hakuhodo Fan Brush | my favorite brush brand and the one brush that shed

ONE OF THE TOP BRUSH BRANDS THAT I LOVE THE MOST IS THE BRAND OF BRUSHES CALLED HAKUHODO WHICH ARE CREATED IN JAPAN. I WENT TO IMATS THIS YEAR 2018 ESPECIALLY TO SEE THE HAKUHODO BRUSHES AND BOUGHT 2 GORGEOUS BRUSHES. and now I am going to say that even with quality brushes, sometimes they shed.. Do you know why brushes shed? how much shedding is acceptable? I appreciate quality brushes and so last year I decided to make a small investment in the Hakuhodo brushes, and picked a few brushes, and a week later placed a second order totaling about $800. I have been happy with all the brushes except one beautiful brush, a fan brush that has been Read More