Guerlain Lipstick | Rouge G de Guerlain

How many lipsticks can one have? What is this new lipstick addiction? I feel like women buy lipsticks more than any other makeup product, when they are under heavy stress.. do you think that is true? I also heard that in times of war, despite the lack of money, women have continued to buy lipsticks.. There must be a reason for it. Maybe because it is a quick “pick me up”.. or is it? To be honest, I do have enough lipsticks to last me a while. I am being actually very modest here. While it was sale season, with the holidays coming and intense work at the office, I ordered a few Nars Lipsticks to add to my already Read More

Makeup Look 27 | Red lips

Very natural, beautiful complexion, but it looks like her eyebrows were drawn the night before with black pencil.. As you can see there is not a lot of dark on the eyes, yet when she opens her eyes, you will see a good bold eye makeup. Keep in mind these images are not altered in any way, and this is the exact way she looks. and again from a different angle