It cosmetics powder brushes

This past year I ventured and bought a few brushes from It Cosmetics during my visits to Ulta Beauty Store. The one that I like the most is the one shown below, number 225 a medium size face brush. I like the softness, the price also is not bad. This brush is synthetic and made in China. It retails for $36. I like that it is dome shaped, and just the right size.. Have you used this brush? what do you think about it? Love Beauty Fully Complexion Powder Brush #225 Medium sized fluffy dome with rounded tip designed to pick up the ideal amount of product to evenly blend onto skin. Use with your favorite loose and pressed powders. Read More

Black Obsidian Crystal Wand | beauty tools getting weirder

As I am browsing the makeup tool section of Nordstrom’s beauty page, I discover something that I find a bit bizarre.. I mean I did not expect to find this crystal on the Nordies site, and what more is, it says that you use this to smooth your wrinkles.. I mean come on people ! how gullible are women going to be these days? do you really expect me to believe that if I put this stone on my face that my wrinkles will become less visible?  Then if this is extracted from earth, how do you expect to have the entire stock to be the same size ? unless they are a piece made in a lab?  What it Read More

The new Clarisonic brush heads are a legend!

Did I tell you how much I enjoy using a Clarisonic brush. Over the years, I had not felt that the Clarisonic brush was going to deliver what I wanted as the brush heads were too harsh at the time, but this year I was at Ulta and saw the new pink brush and decided to give it a try.. it was the best decision ever. I fell in love again with the brush and ordered another device.. so now I have 3 that are sitting in my bathroom and each one carries a different brush head to use as I please whether I need deep cleaning or a lighter cleaning or even a facial massage. Do you use a Read More

Hakuhodo Fan Brush | my favorite brush brand and the one brush that shed

ONE OF THE TOP BRUSH BRANDS THAT I LOVE THE MOST IS THE BRAND OF BRUSHES CALLED HAKUHODO WHICH ARE CREATED IN JAPAN. I WENT TO IMATS THIS YEAR 2018 ESPECIALLY TO SEE THE HAKUHODO BRUSHES AND BOUGHT 2 GORGEOUS BRUSHES. and now I am going to say that even with quality brushes, sometimes they shed.. Do you know why brushes shed? how much shedding is acceptable? I appreciate quality brushes and so last year I decided to make a small investment in the Hakuhodo brushes, and picked a few brushes, and a week later placed a second order totaling about $800. I have been happy with all the brushes except one beautiful brush, a fan brush that has been Read More

How to organize your makeup and your brushes | byalegory

Once in a while I stumble upon a fantastic product that makes my life easy.. when I have organization around me, and I can find anything I want, there is peace, no chaos, and that means I am happy. One such product I found after thorough research online, is the acrylic makeup organizers from a company called byalegory. I found the first organizer (a container for blushes and powders) online and as I looked further, I noticed that the company has created different organizers for different products and they looked pretty nice. But not knowing how they looked inĀ  person, I hesitated for a second then I ordered my first organizer from them. When it came, I ordered another then Read More