NeoStrata Skin Active Cellular Restoration | Keep the wrinkles at bay!

NeoStrata Skin Active Cellular Restoration Since I started using Neostrata skincare products, I can say that very rarely have I been disappointed. Today I want to share with you what I know about this Skin Active Cellular Restoration. This is yet another moisturizer that targets wrinkles with its rich concentration of peptides, glycolic acid and antioxidants – among other ingredients. I was pleased by how gentle it is on the skin. It has a certain consistency, not too heavy or oily but feels more like a balm, and goes on so smoothly when you gently massage it over your face. The picture below shows a little pea size cream on my hand and you may even see how balmy it Read More

Benefits of eating avocados

Back in 2015 I had written a post about avocados and the benefits of eating this fantastic food. Today I would once again remind you to eat healthy and to add avocados to your diet. The more you read about this food, the more you will realize that you will be doing your heart a favor by adding avocados to your daily diet. Jen a fellow blogger from New Zealand, who started her blog in 2014 has now an editorial team and one of her team members, Ms. Erica Penner, wrote a great article on Jen Reviews website, providing a delicious recipe for avocados. Ms. Penner writes: “Avocado is a healthy fat. It’s something that my nutritionist allows me to Read More

Jan Marini antioxydant face protection | protect your face from sun’s uv rays to slow aging

These days the weather has changed suddenly and I see people walking in tee shirts in the streets of DC. I am already feeling happy now that I know that summer should be upon us soon. Every summer, whether I go to the pool or I go to work in the city, I make sure that I am wearing some form of facial sunscreen. I am now looking at this lovely product by Jan Marini, to use just during the summer to protect my face from the damaging uv rays of the sun. What is this about? why is it different? Are all sun blocks the same? do they all protect you the same way? let’s find out. First I Read More

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil | collect the gems

I should never have entered that Clarins store that I saw at an outlet mall. It is not very common to see a Clarins store in an outlet mall usually.. So finally I entered and I looked around. I saw a picture of this lip oil and I asked if I could try it. The sales person gave it to me reluctantly and I applied a bit on my lips. It felt very comfortable, unlike the YSL volupte lip gloss that feels a bit slippery.. this one felt like a lip balm except it came in a gorgeous packaging and it is called a lip treatment oil. Wow.. i was blown away.. I decided however to not buy it from Read More