One of the most luxurious lipsticks: Rouge G de Guerlain

How many lipsticks can one have? What is this new lipstick addiction? I feel like women buy lipsticks more than any other makeup product, when they are under heavy stress.. do you think that is true? I also heard that in times of war, despite the lack of money, women have continued to buy lipsticks.. There must be a reason for it. Maybe because it is a quick “pick me up”.. or is it? To be honest, I do have enough lipsticks to last me a while. I am being actually very modest here. While it was sale season, with the holidays coming and intense work at the office, I ordered a few Nars Lipsticks to add to my already Read More

What makes an eyeshadow palette so special that you want to buy it?

Skin Deep Eye Palette $59.00 sold at Nars came out with a very nice palette.. what makes an eyeshadow palette a coveted palette is the presentation, packaging and the color combination as well as the quality of the eyeshadow.. These colors are very wearable and this palette seems to be much nicer than the previous 2 that were created by Nars not long ago.. I think they are trying their hand at palettes that will be the envy of many. I am quite tempted to check this palette out but I am exercise restraint because I have plenty of other eyeshadow. But hey you never know.. usually most women who buy makeup and buy more than they need, do Read More

Guerlain lait de beauté: You must try this cleansing milk

What makes a cleanser something that is worth buying when you can use other products to remove your makeup, such as coconut oil or other oils? Is it worth paying these high prices on these luxurious bottles? So many questions.. When I tried this cleanser today, it was very pleasant, lightweight and with a satin milk texture.. medium consistency and with a light trademark fragrance as per most Guerlain products. According to Guerlain’s US website, it was found that: Skin is comforted, soft and supple for 9 out of 10** women. Skin appears nourished: +36%*. *Self-assessment, 30 women, twice-daily application for four weeks. **Satisfaction test, 30 women, twice-daily application for four weeks. I decided to venture and purchase it and Read More