Personal micro dermablasion device review

  In this day and age where everyday you see a new device to keep your skin looking younger, there has been on a market a device called pmd, for a few years now, and it is still going strong.. Let me begin by saying that pmd stands for personal micro dermabrasion. This is a device that you purchase, mostly from high end department stores or from the manufacturer and use it 2 or 3 times a week. What it does is that it has a spinning disc that removes surface dead skin cells, and also simultaneously acts as a suction of these impurities. With the device you get a few of the discs and later on you can buy Read More

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Aqua Nude Foundation

I so love this one foundation! I will explain why.. but I will be totally and brutally honest. I am in love with the scent. If creators of skincare knew how important scents are for some women, and what a role scents play in our decision to lean more towards a certain product rather than another, they would be actively concentrating on making sure their products are scented. Sure there are some who don’t like scented foundation, I am not one of them, I adore yes I said it, I simply adore the scent of this foundation. I have had previous foundations from Guerlain almost 20 years ago and it had the same scent and it was as ‘fluid’ as Read More

A luxurious highlighter | Guerlain Terracotta Electric Light Bronzer Highlighter

Every year Guerlain creates a special edition product and recently they created a very beautiful copper bronzing powder. To me it looks like a gold highlighter. When you touch the product you feel it is gentle and soft on your fingers. Very wearable. As for the packaging, it is la creme de la creme, very beautiful and elegant.. almost like a piece of jewelry. If you don’t own one item from Guerlain, do it a mission for you to get at least one of their compacts. It will be well worth it. Now let’s see what is being said online about this product… Guerlain Terracotta Powder, the emblematic leader in bronzing powder, celebrates the festive season and Guerlain’s 190th anniversary Read More

My latest skincare rituals | youtube video

I love doing youtube videos.. it is a way of sharing with others my experiences with skincare and makeup and my beauty journey.. whatever it is we seem to be all obsessed with beauty and anti aging in this century. Women want to stop aging at all cost ! I have used high end skincare since I was very young and today I gravitate around luxury and high end products naturally. Not that there is anything wrong with drugstore skincare.. some in fact are equally good if not better. Please keep that in mind. Makeup and beauty or skincare products selection is a deeply personal matter.. In this video I am sharing my latest loves and what I use, all Read More

It cosmetics powder brushes

This past year I ventured and bought a few brushes from It Cosmetics during my visits to Ulta Beauty Store. The one that I like the most is the one shown below, number 225 a medium size face brush. I like the softness, the price also is not bad. This brush is synthetic and made in China. It retails for $36. I like that it is dome shaped, and just the right size.. Have you used this brush? what do you think about it? Love Beauty Fully Complexion Powder Brush #225 Medium sized fluffy dome with rounded tip designed to pick up the ideal amount of product to evenly blend onto skin. Use with your favorite loose and pressed powders. Read More