A year later | Wayne Goss Anniversary Set 2 brush review

    This is the Wayne Goss brush set I had bought in February of 2018 from beautylish and I was really excited about it. I thought I want to do a review of it a year after I purchased it to give you my thoughts on it. Reason being is that when we buy something new and it first arrives and we are holding it in our hands, and even after a month of use, sometimes we are still under the effect of the novelty and excitement and it is only after a good amount of time passes that we are able to evaluate and describe our exact feelings and impressions of that product. With that in mind, let’s Read More

5 Natural Ways to Improve Your Skin | Laurie Larson

Photo by Unsplash When it comes to skin care, we’re willing to try anything that works. Unfortunately, sometimes the products that we see recommended to us may be loaded full of chemicals that are either unsafe for our skin or simply not an option due to allergies and other sensitivities. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is stick to the natural methods that you know work. Check out these five super simple natural methods for naturally improving your skin. 1. Stay hydrated Keeping up with your water intake is one of the easiest things you can do for your skin care, and it’s probably even more effective than any expensive topicals you could put on your face. Read More

Beyond the Surface: the Importance of Self Care in Your Beauty Routine | Laurie Larsen

For many of us, our beauty routine is one that we follow religiously. In fact, it might even be one that we pay more attention to than other aspects of our life, like sleep and relaxation. The truth is that there are many different activities you should keep in mind in order to help your inner beauty bloom into outer beauty. Let’s take a look at how valuing the importance of your self-care can help maximize your beauty routine. Relax Your Mind Stress is a big issue for many people. It can impact your physical and mental health pretty significantly, too, which will eventually have negative consequences for your appearance. The best way to get optimal benefits from your current Read More

Guerlain foaming cleanser | so easy to use

Another great cleanser by Guerlain is the foaming cleanser, which comes in a beautiful white bottle with a gold rim. This product retails for $59 at high end department stores. This foaming cleanser is very easy to use and its size if 150 ml as opposed to the cleansing milk which is 200 ml. You can find it mainly at duty free shops or at high end department store, on online. It is described on Nordstrom’s website as follows: The ideal complement to makeup removal, this luscious, airy Gentle Cleansing Foam by Guerlain improves skin’s clarity and provides a deep, purifying action to allow for fast yet gentle cleansing. Its light texture transforms into a voluptuous cream when it comes Read More

Hakuhodo USA Ougi eyeshadow brushes

I have been waiting for over a year now before I decided to go ahead and order a few of the ougi eyeshadow brushes.. The reason is that on February 2, 2019, Hakuhodo is going to raise the price of their brushes. Right now if I could I would order a few more. I have my eye on a contour brush that is fan shape and really super, but it is $73 and I am not sure I want to spend that much when I already have so many nice brushes.. The brush that I am going to talk about today is a brush with synthetic fibre, F8321BkSL Ougi Angled [H5005] This angled fan shape eyeshadow brush is a new Read More


I am constantly changing my skincare routine, looking always for the next best product and tool.. i know i know, that’s not how things used to be a few years ago.. or even a decade or two ago. Before the advent of social media, people well women mostly used to use one or two skincare products and stick with them, We have come a long way since then. The beauty market is overflowing with new arrivals every day.. people have the option of moving from one to the next till they find or till they believe they have found the right product.. why? because the desire for staying young and remaining youthful is going strong.. no one wants to age. Read More