Affordable Beauty: The clothing Challenge | By Ardith McCann

As I post here on Amy Miranda Makeup about affordable beauty and skincare topics, it seems appropriate to talk about another aspect of beauty and style, aka clothing.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been very budget-friendly wardrobe challenged. Quite honestly, I’ve been downright frustrated in my pursuit of summer clothing items to add to my capsule wardrobe (the one I so successfully created back in 2012).

Flailing at Windmills

I often feel like Don Quixote, flailing my digital-money sword against retail clothing windmills. I feel alone in my shopping constraints and experiences, especially when I compare myself to style bloggers I follow and their commenters. Doesn’t anyone else feel as I do?

Everywhere I turn, style bloggers are either talking about designer purchases or responsibly made items they have added to their minimalist, conscientious wardrobe. Designer clothes may as well exist in some parallel universe as far as my budget is concerned. Plus, for me the current styles are generally unattractive. As for responsible brands, they are still priced out-of-reach for me, and too often I find the styles plain, boxy, or both.

Meanwhile, even in my so-called shopping universe, I struggle to find something I want to buy. Fast fashion isn’t even budget-friendly anymore. That’s insult on top of injury when prices have increased by 20% percent or more and the quality seems even worse than in previous years. And don’t get me started on the lack of style I personally see when I shop.

Perseverance + Lady Luck

It took perseverance and luck to find the four tops I finally bought. The luck came when 4th of July sales kicked in. Fortunately, I am very happy with all four items. Where did they come from, you ask? ASOS and Old Navy, that’s where I finally achieved shopping success.

That bums me out, man. I want to be as responsible a shopper as the next person, but even thrift stores let me down. Plus, I wanted to step outside my wardrobe norm of boyfriend jeans or denim skirts and solid v-neck fitted tops. I was on the hunt for romantic/bohemian blouses and preferably in natural fabrics. I searched so many websites my eyes wanted to fall out of my head. I wanted to cry.

Contentment + One More Shopping Quest

I am actually pretty content with my purchases, even though the Texas summer heat reminds me that these won’t help cool me down completely. At least I will look cheerier than I feel.

Meanwhile, there is one item I still have on my list. For this I have looked at over 2500 items online. I have yet to find something close to my grail…the perfect pair of black platform sandals (think ‘90s vibe). I’ve already returned at least two pairs that frankly didn’t come close to what I want. Wish me luck, please. I’d like to find them before winter rolls back in.

I’d Really Like to Know

I’d love to hear about your personal wardrobe experiences. What do you want from your clothes? Are you happy with them? How do you shop? Do you work within a budget? Do you like shopping? Tell me all you want to share.

Cheers, Ardith


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