Guerlain’s abeille royale smile lift $82 serum | No way Jose!

First I must ask myself: does this really work? is it a gimmick in a fancy packaging? While I may be inclined to use a serum that costs $82 or more on my face, under my eye area, I resist to the idea of paying $82 for a product that is suitable and made for the smile lines around my lips. Not that I have many or deep smile lines around my lips.. but I don’t believe and I am not convinced that there is one product that will help erase or even reduce lines around my lip area on my face or for that matter, anywhere else on my face.

Unless one has a cosmetic surgery and their skin is pulled and stretched, lines will remain where they are. That is the plain truth. The rest is hope. They are selling us hope in a tube or jar.. this is one of them.

Sorry Guerlain I really love you and have been a serious consumer of your products for over 3 decades, but this is a very high price for a product that is not guaranteed to do what it says.. and for buying hope, I don’t want to spend that kind of money!

Nordies says:
A multipurpose lip treatment targeting all visible signs of aging.
Honey Smile Lift contains the Abeille Royale repairing concentrate to stimulate the skin’s self-repair in all key levels—providing skin with a continuous antiaging action. Upon application, lips appear plumper, contours are reshaped, and lines are smoothed, creating a defined lip shape. The 22-carat finely gilded metal contributes to the refreshing and decongesting effect from the very first application for an immediate anti-puffiness effect.

This concentrated balm formula, born of the exceptional repairing power of Ouessant honey and royal jelly (both exclusive to Guerlain), has a gourmand fragrance with delicate honey flower facets done by Thierry Wasser. Guerlain royal jelly, made exclusively in France, is combined with the purest black bee honey from the island of Ouessant to help correct visible and future signs of aging: loss of firmness and wrinkles. Bee products are some of the world’s most effective natural healing substances. Guerlain Research has extracted their active power to create Abeille Royale: a skin care program with a repairing concentrate that stimulates the key mechanisms of the healing process, at every key level of the skin, to continuously help to repair wrinkles and loss of tissue firmness. Complete your routine with Abeille Royale Daily Repair Serum, Face Treatment Oil, and the new Gold Eyetech.

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How to use it:
-Squeeze the tube to extract a small amount of the texture, then place your index finger against the mark on the nozzle. If necessary, an additional small amount of the texture can be added during the application.

-Place the entire length of the tip vertically on the lips. Slide the tip with a back-and-forth movement. Repeat 10 times.
-Smooth the entire length of the tip energetically over the nasolabial folds with a firm back-and-forth movement. Repeat 10 times.
-Place the length of the tip on each nasolabial fold in turn and trace five fan shapes from the inside to the outside.

-Trace the lip contour using the tip of the nozzle, focusing on the outline of the lips. Circle lips 10 times in each direction. br>
-Dab lightly over the lip contour using the tip of the nozzle. Always work in the same direction, repeat three times.
-Clean the nozzle using dry cotton wool or a tissue.
-Complete your routine with the essential Abeille Royale products: Gold Eyetech to smooth fine lines under the eyes, the Daily Repair Serum to achieve a glow with recaptured youth, and the Face Treatment Oil to keep the skin invigorated and toned.


-Honey (from the island of Ouessant)
-Exclusive Royal Jelly

Here are some reviews, I noticed they dated back from 2016 but I still wanted to share them with you.

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