How to organize your makeup and your brushes | byalegory

Once in a while I stumble upon a fantastic product that makes my life easy.. when I have organization around me, and I can find anything I want, there is peace, no chaos, and that means I am happy. One such product I found after thorough research online, is the acrylic makeup organizers from a company called byalegory.

I found the first organizer (a container for blushes and powders) online and as I looked further, I noticed that the company has created different organizers for different products and they looked pretty nice. But not knowing how they looked in  person, I hesitated for a second then I ordered my first organizer from them. When it came, I ordered another then another, so far 3 orders placed and I am pleased with each one of them, as they are really beautifully made and high quality.

The first one is made for eyeliners and lipliners, but I am using it for brushes.. to me brushes take precedence and have priority over all other makeup related products and tools.

So I ordered two of these originally thinking I would be using one for eyeliners and one for lipliners.. then I changed my mind after trying my brushes, and noticed they fit in perfectly well.

About this product : This premium acrylic eye liner and lip liner organizer comes with 26 individual spaces with an efficiently sized footprint. Size: 5l x 2.16W x 2.16H inches and comes with (20) regular slots measuring. 34 Inches in diameter and comes with (6) jumbo slots in the front measuring. 50 Inches in diameter.

The powder container is even better, as you can fit 2 compact in each slot.. Amazing! So pretty, you feel also very organized, you can find what you need right away and they are not tucked in the back of a deep drawer.


The last one is the most gorgeous brush organizer, but I did not understand the difference between the brush container and the lip gloss container, as they both have 24 slots..  the price however is different for each. I got the brush container and ordered a second one today. These byalegory products can be found on amazon It is truly hard not to love them.

I am aware that lately I have spent some time organizing my bathroom makeup, for several hours at a time, but I also know that soon I will no longer need to do any organizing as everything has a special place. It can however be a bit costly to be fully organized. These little guys are not cheap!

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