Makeup madness | organization

Recently while I was organizing my makeup in my large bathroom, it downed upon me suddenly that I am carrying far too much makeup, and suddenly I realized that enough is enough. I made up my mind and took a resolution: I will attempt to finish what I have, one container and one tube at a time. Enough of this, I no longer have space..

This revelation also allowed me to ponder upon the obsession that many women today in USA, have developed and cannot put a stop to: that is to buy makeup more and more.. But the reason behind it, also came to me in a sudden shocking moment. I am aware that cosmetic companies that make billions of dollars sell women all around the world, hope. Hope to look better, hope for increased confidence, hope to stop the aging process. Nothing will stop us from aging, it is a natural process. Aging has always existed in the world since its creation, and will always continue to exist, unless one day the elixir of youth or immortality is found. 

In this photo below, you can see my cube, or rather one of my cubes, which is filled by cosmetics. Every week the drawers are emptied and reorganized. This is a time consuming exercise.

The tray on top of the cube is my latest acquisition from an amazonian company called byalegory that manufactures these beautiful and gorgeous high quality acrylic containers and organizers for makeup.. If you are a makeup lover and obsessed with makeup, what are your thoughts on this ? Do you also find that you have more makeup than you need? How do you organize your makeup? How often do you use your products?




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