Refresh and hydrate with Neutrogena Rainbath shower gel

I received just last night a nice heavy box that came to me courtesy of Neutrogena. It was filled with five amazing shower gel that they created and had sent it to me for review. I tried them today and could not decide which one I like more.

This is the box that I received last night and when I opened, each and every bottle was completely sealed in plastic.

The one thing that was a winner for me was the fact that when I pressed the pump the product came out immediately. It was neither too thick nor too thin. This is exactly the right consistency as I like it. Why I say this? Because I have seen and had other shower gel that are so thick that you need to apply a lot of pressure to get a bit of the product out of the pump. So that was a big point for me in my selection of a gel, whether it is a liquid hand soap or a shower gel.

Admiring my colorful bottles, trying to decide which scent I like more.

So today I lined up my Neutrogena shower gel on the bathroom shelf and started to take a few photos. Well when I say I took a few photos, you may need to know that for each photo there are 30 others unpublished.. it had to be the right lighting and the right angle.. and my bathroom was not particularly full of light at that time of the day.

My shower time took a bit longer than usual as I was trying and testing and smelling each and every one of these affordable shower gel. I mean they retail for $7 each or so more or less, depending on where you buy them, whether it is target, ulta, or online. You are not going to pay an arm and a leg like other brands charge you!

A shower gel should be in this range, no more. For me I don’t care if it is high end or not, when it comes to shower gel, I am happy as long as the product works well and my skin is happy!

Neutrogena explains that this shower and bath gel uses a rich lather to cleanse and condition skin without leaving behind a heavy, filmy residue.

RAINBATH SHOWER GEL comes in 5 refreshing scents: Original, Pear & Green Tea, Pomegranate, Ocean Mist and Fresh Plum

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO USE THIS SHOWER GEL: I put 2 pumps on my loafa and brush over my skin. You could also use it by adding 5 pumps in your bath under running hot water.. or even use it to shave your legs.


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These were sent to me for my review. All opinions are my own.

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