DIOR – Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick

Never have I been so excited by the new lipsticks from Dior. First they break away from the usual traditional navy color lip casing, and these are red, a beautiful medium case, which is a powerful color.

Price? They retail each for $37 like their other lipsticks and the size is the same.

What would you say is different then? The formula for sure. I am looking at each phone of each color one by one, and I know that it is not a photoshop effect but something is different about this lipstick. I am trying to debate whether I would call it metallic or not. They are described as satin and semi-matte. Exactly as I want them to be.. I have to get one of these. I wish they were more affordable so I could get another one.. what are your thoughts. So far they have five stars and that is not very common when it comes to being critical about lipsticks and giving reviews.

What do you think about this lipstick.. ? would you buy it? How much would you pay for a lipstick?


An ultra-pigmented lipstick with up to 12-hour* wear, a luminous, semi-matte finish, and a hydrating, comfortable formula with intense, saturated color. Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge is the first incredibly long-wearing lipstick with the comfort of a Dior lip ink. Ultra Rouge offers a lightweight, ultra-comfortable formula and all the color of a high-pigment lipstick. With up to 12-hour wear*, the colors seem more saturated, with a luminous, semi-matte finish, incredible sensoriality, and hydration.
Always at the cutting edge, Dior challenged its research department to combine the desire for dazzling color with the need for long-lasting comfort. The result of much research and in-depth scientific studies, Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge is Dior’s first lipstick to combine a polymer with a plant-based oil to deliver absolute hydration, comfort, and up to 12 hours of wear* with no tight or dry sensation.

Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge is available in 26 ultra-saturated, couture shades with a luminous, semi-matte finish. Four it-shades of Ultra Rouge make especially strong statements:

Here are some descriptions of the colors:

999 Ultra Dior: “You can never be too much of a woman, so enjoy it.” Red par excellence, iconic yet different.

770 Ultra Love: “Believe in yourself. If you don’t, who will?” This loved-up raspberry is easy to wear, yet has a strong temperament, setting the tone for rosewoods and beiges that border on coral.

851 Ultra Shock: “It’s better to be shocking than boring.” A high-impact, heady burgundy that carries intense shades in its wake, from wines and deep browns to greyish taupes and deep purples.

777 Ultra Star: “All of us are stars, aren’t we?” Poppy stars in a palette of bright hues fed on pop culture.

Alongside these potent reds, two collectible shades stand out. These two extreme shades can either be worn alone, making a powerful statement, or as a base or finishing touch, modifying shades to play with colors and intensities:

111 Ultra Night 47: A black that enables you to intensify each shade or practice your lip artistry.

000 Ultra Light 47: A pure white to neutralize your natural lip color or soften another shade.

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