The new Clarisonic brush heads are a legend!

Did I tell you how much I enjoy using a Clarisonic brush. Over the years, I had not felt that the Clarisonic brush was going to deliver what I wanted as the brush heads were too harsh at the time, but this year I was at Ulta and saw the new pink brush and decided to give it a try.. it was the best decision ever. I fell in love again with the brush and ordered another device.. so now I have 3 that are sitting in my bathroom and each one carries a different brush head to use as I please whether I need deep cleaning or a lighter cleaning or even a facial massage.

Do you use a Clarisonic brush? Which brush head do you like the most?

My favorite is the pink one that has plastic bristles on the second row and the other is the one for sensitive skin.. There is also a semi favorite of mine and that is similar to the pink except the bristles are blue instead of pink and this one is supposed to be softer than the pink one.. I feel that my skin is so well cleaned when I use these brushes.. it is amazing. In the past, when they first came out the brush heads were a little too harsh and after a while my skin reacted.. now I use the cleanser that they created, and it makes such a difference..

I look in the magnifying side of my mirror and I can tell how clean the skin is compared to when I don’t use this device and use just my fingers and an oil then wipe with a towel. Big difference.. if you have never tried using this device, go for it. Maybe you should wait for sales to buy one, that way you can save about $50 on the device but it is worth it regardless, whether you save money or not.

Then there is the massage head which I was curious about.. so I thought I must try this and bought it.. it is also very good. The only one that I am not crazy about right now is the one that I use for foundation application.. I just don’t like the vibrations when applying foundation..

The massager is really good.. you apply your moisturizer or serum, then use this device and it helps to penetrate your cream or serum in your cleansed skin.


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