Hakuhodo USA Ougi eyeshadow brushes

I have been waiting for over a year now before I decided to go ahead and order a few of the ougi eyeshadow brushes.. The reason is that on February 2, 2019, Hakuhodo is going to raise the price of their brushes. Right now if I could I would order a few more. I have my eye on a contour brush that is fan shape and really super, but it is $73 and I am not sure I want to spend that much when I already have so many nice brushes..

The brush that I am going to talk about today is a brush with synthetic fibre,

F8321BkSL Ougi Angled [H5005]

This angled fan shape eyeshadow brush is a new comer in the Hakuhodo collection. In this same series Hakuhodo also produced some mini fan brushes for eyes that are blue squirrel, exquisitely fine hair super soft on your eyelids.  There was a time when Hakuhodo never used any synthetic hair, but in the last few years, they want to make their brushes more affordable to a wider group of women, so they introduced their synthetic hair brushes, which are nice, and also a little pricey, but I will prefer the real hair goat brushes over any other brush.

Here is a picture of the angled F8321 BKSL brush. The head from ferrule to the end of the hair is 12 mm and this is what Hakuhodo writes about it.

This fan brush is recommended for eyes. It provides even and natural sheer application especially for liquid or cream products, hence you can easily build up the tone of your ideal. It is also recommend for concealer or correctors.

Unlike other fan face brushes, these are so much easier to use. With this one you get to apply one or two swipes, and you are almost done. Even if you want to use just one brush, you can do it and complete your eye makeup in a short time.

I like it and it is a novelty. I ask myself why didn’t they think of this before? but there is a right time for everything.

This brush was bought with my hard earned money. Please be sure to keep your receipt in the event that you are not happy with any product I recommend so that you may be able to exchange it. Remember with Hakuhodo exchanging is not an easy process.


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