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This is the Wayne Goss brush set I had bought in February of 2018 from beautylish and I was really excited about it. I thought I want to do a review of it a year after I purchased it to give you my thoughts on it. Reason being is that when we buy something new and it first arrives and we are holding it in our hands, and even after a month of use, sometimes we are still under the effect of the novelty and excitement and it is only after a good amount of time passes that we are able to evaluate and describe our exact feelings and impressions of that product. With that in mind, let’s begin.

The set itself comes at a hefty price of $241 for these 8 brushes which are called the anniversary set 2.  A I ebeautiful at first glance. It is a bit pricey as well. Once we go past the price point and shock of the high price especially for those of us who are not used to paying so much for makeup brushes, we are now going to see which ones are useful and perform well and which one is the most pricey in the entire set.

The main brush that caused disappointment to me, was the biggest one in the set and also the most expensive one: The synthetic and goat mix foundation brush, that looks stunning but streaks incredibly. I left a nice review on this set on the beautylish website at the time and I do not wish to leave a second review after my initial excitement. The brush streaks on your face and what is worse it sheds incredibly. I have to literally pick up hair from my face and when I look in the magnifying side of the mirror I see that there are so many streaks on my face. So that is out of the way and useless, sitting in a jar by itself, not getting close to the rest.



When you read the reviews, there is a person who happens to be called Amy (like my name) who left a review where she actually mentioned that the large foundation brush is shedding and leaving streaks. I read the review before posting this post here because I wanted to see what the general public is thinking about these brushes. For the general public, most women who don’t have a ton of brushes are unable to compare the brushes to better or higher quality brushes and if comparing only to lower end brushes, these brushes are going to be of course high quality for them. So just keep that in mind when you are going to make a decision to buy or not to buy..

The second brush in the set that I am not crazy about and you will find out in a minute, is the least pricey one, and it is the white lip and eyeliner brush. I personally find that brushes that double up for a second function in addition to their main function, generally do not work for me. It is neither a good liner brush nor a good lip brush.. if it was only a lip brush, with a slightly angled edges and narrower, that would have been a great brush, and if it was slightly angled as a good eyeliner brush, that also would have been great, but it is a hybrid if you ask me, and does neither of the 2 functions well. Another one that is sitting with out getting much use. Now the remainder of the brushes are used and used well. 

The ones that I use the most are the fluffy eyeshadow brushes, and the tiny pointy pencil brush which is excellent to smudge the shadow in the corner of the eye. The medium size blush brush is an ok brush, i guess it was selected because the set had to be a certain amount maybe no more than $240 or $250.. so instead of giving you the best size brushes, they have thought about being careful with their selection, adding one useless foundation brush and some fluffy eyeshadow brushes, and a medium size blush brush.. It would be best if you buy only the eyeshadow brushes individually. They are soft and similar to my Japanese Hakuhodo brushes. If you are not a makeup artist or if you are one, the white goat hair is very practical, better than the blue squirrel which is much more expensive. This is durable. Be sure to clean your brushes after every use. Here is a video I had done a year ago, I was very enthusiastic about the brushes, and hence this second review has more weight if you ask me.


Scroll further to see some photos that I took and further below you will find the description of this set on the Beautylish website. So what do you think? Maybe time to consider the higher quality brushes by Hakuhodo at www.hakuhodousa.com Please note as of tomorrow the prices at Hakuhodo will increase, so today is the only day you can still place an order with them and still get the old or I should say current, prices. After tomorrow there will be an increase in prices as the material is becoming harder to be found. This is not a sponsored video and blog. This is a brush obsessed person talking with you about what she really thinks about hyped up makeup brushes such as the Wayne Goss brushes.

So bottom line if the star of the set is the foundation brush which failed my test, then you may be better off buying 2 or 3 blending brushes at individual prices and not have to pay $240 for the set. Some sets are good and buying the brushes in a group or set, can be a great investment and a good idea, but this alas, is not the case. These are my opinions as a professional makeup artist and a brush addict.

About The Anniversary Set Volume 2

Discover the next chapter of the Wayne Goss story: the best-selling Anniversary Set, updated with refined shapes and undyed goat bristles. Achieve a flawless full face of makeup with eight artisan-crafted brushes that enhance the finish and performance of all types of products—powders, liquids, gels, and creams alike.

What’s Included
  • Brush 01: a dense duo-fiber brush for fast, flawless foundation application
  • Brush 02: a tapered sculpting brush for highlighter, blush, and bronzer
  • Brush 03: a fluffy eyeshadow brush that doubles as a precision highlighter brush
  • Brush 04: a silky-soft crease brush that works with any eye shape
  • Brush 05: a finely pointed pencil brush for detail work around eyes and lips
  • Brush 06: an eyeshadow blending brush that softens pigment in a single swipe
  • Brush 07: a flat eyeshadow brush that packs on pigment and works wonders with concealer
  • Brush 08: a small push liner brush that works color deep into the lashline
Why It’s Special
  • Create flawless, pro-level makeup looks with eight brushes for face and eyes, each meticulously handcrafted by over 20 artisans in Kumano, Japan
  • Experience the featherlight feel of undyed goat hair bristles, which are selected for luxurious softness and bundled uncut for the smoothest, most even application possible
  • Designed to Wayne Goss’s exact specifications, this versatile brush set has everything you need for a lifetime of flawless looks.
How to Use

Wash your brushes occasionally with gentle brush soap and let them dry hanging upside down in Brush Guards. As with all brushes made with natural hair, some shedding may occur during the first few uses.

Other Details
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Limited Edition


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