Guerlain lait de beaute | UPLIFTING CLEANSER

The symbol of perfection and serenity, the nigella flower is at the heart of the Beauty Skin Cleansers formula. Over and above extremely gentle yet thorough cleansing, these products offer the skin all the purity and radiance freshness of the flower. An unprecedented sensory journey with Guerlain’s five secrets. Five unique formulas, five key steps, five sensory textures… The Eau de Beauté, the Mousse de Beauté, the Lait de Beauté, the Crème de Beauté and the Beauté des yeux.

When I purchased this milk during one of my visits to the diplomatic duty free store in Washington DC about a month ago, I only knew that Guerlain products are very good and had no clue how good this product really was.. so as I started using it and more and more lately, I am amazed by its texture. Usually I would put the cleansing milk on a cotton pad and wipe my face, but since I am used to using face oils and removing my makeup, by massaging the oil over my face then removing it by wiping my face with a cotton soaked in warm water, I am doing the same with this milk. The scent is amazing, yet light.. it removes every trace of makeup and leaves you refreshed.

Here is what Guerlain says on their website about this cleanser:

Lightweight and yet incredibly silky smooth and enveloping… Lait de Beauté by Guerlain, removes all types of make-up with incredible results, whether on the face or eyes. Its generous texture melts under the fingers, leaving the skin satin soft and extremely comfortable. Skin is radiant, smooth and supple.

What’s the fragrance?

The exclusive signature fragrance developed for Lait de Beauté enfolds the skin in a delicate scent blending the purity of white tea, the comforting freshness of musky notes and a touch of jasmine…

How to use this Cleansing Milk

pply the Lait de Beauté to face and eyes, using your fingers or a cotton pad. Rinse off or remove with a cotton pad moistened with Eau de beauté. To complete the make-up removal, apply Mousse de Beauté and Beauté des yeux.

The other day, one of my brides arrived for her trial run, and she had makeup on her face, she asked me if I could remove her makeup. I gave her this bottle and explained to her that she can go to the bathroom, put two pumps in the palm of her hand and massage over her face then wash her face and towel dry it. When she came out, she was so impressed and kept saying she loved the scent of this bottle. I told her, I am happy to hear that and gently added it is $75, to give her an idea of the highly luxurious product that I just provided her and that she experienced.

But seriously how much should you pay for a makeup remover and face cleanser? is $75 over the top…? I think it is too pricey for a cleanser, then again the bottle is refillable so I will be using it later on once the product is gone. For now I am enjoying every minute of it. Check it out if you like to feel uplifted while you cleanse your skin.


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