Beauty in the “House” by Ardith McCann

Beauty in the “House”

For those of you following my adventures in beauty while self-healing—perhaps because you yourself are challenged with a chronic ailment of the GI type—here is what is up with me.

Dr. Gregory House, I Presume?

Uh, no. But I am putting my best investigative skills toward better understanding and treating my disease. At this point my symptoms point more to Crohn’s than Celiac, or perhaps I have some wonderful hybrid version (wouldn’t that just be my luck). I am pretty sure my diagnosis and treatment will shift as it always did for the TV show character…and presumably with less trauma and a far better outcome for the patient.

This past week I was blessed with four glorious days of relatively normal existence. I ate very small meals consisting of gluten-free pancakes (with scant organic maple syrup), chicken, rice, roasted sweet potato, avocado, and gluten-free cereal (with organic almond milk). I was productive and happy. My plan was to get social and spend some time with a favorite neighbor.

Then BAM! For the next two days I was transported back to the land of the incapacitated. It may have been the tad more Cinna Bunnies I had the evening before, or just the disease reminding me it’s here to stay. At this time I can only conjecture as to the reason for this setback.

Since I am not a “sissy girl” I am back to the research board and looking for ways to build up my healing armory. For starters, I ordered organic chamomile tea to help heal my gut. I’m upping my stretching routine and hoping to get back to some aerobic therapy. Getting serious about meditating is also on the docket (while I gleefully mix metaphors). And since it is sunny for the second day in a row, I am going to spend some time outdoors. Wahoo!

New To Me Beauty Find

Product: L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Powder

I’ve finally upgraded from my e.l.f $2.00 face powder! I ordered this L’Oreal version in the Warm Beige shade to compliment my True Match liquid foundation in Natural Buff. I am nearly giddy with glee with the results. I love the ultra smooth texture of this powder. I am chuffed with how easily it glides over my skin while it locks in the foundation, concealer, and blush. Plus the shade is perfect…lucky guess on my part.

So, while my fingers are crossed that I get to enjoy the sunshine today, I know my makeup will make me happy each and every day.

How are things in your neck of the beauty woods?

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