Chanel Sublimage Le Teint Foundation

Having tried the La Mer foundation and bought it twice, and having paid the hefty price of each bottle at $110, I since then decided that I will not be enriching makeup companies.. True they pay a lot of money to market their products, however the question remains if their products are really worth that much. I am not going to use the bottle, so a practical packaging with clean lines is great, but not overly expensive, the product itself is what is supposed to be high quality because that is what is going inside your body through the pores of your skin, and complexion.

Here is another pricey high end foundation which is 30 ml, comes in a small jar with a mediocre brush, and this foundation by Chanel is sold for $135 plus tax. I refuse to buy it. What are your thoughts on this? How far will you go when it comes to prices? Are you willing to pay these exorbitant prices that go mostly on marketing, advertisement and package designs, instead of the product itself. You could be happy with a neutrogena $17 foundation which will give you similar results.. 



This exquisite lightweight foundation with the ultimate sensorial touch offers a creamy texture and buildable light-to-medium coverage for a glowing, healthy and luminous look. The formula harnesses the intense power of vanilla planifolia, the signature ingredient of SUBLIMAGE, along with the luminosity of diamond powder and the comfort of precious oils to leave the complexion radiant, revitalized and optimally hydrated. It is accompanied by a brush for enhanced application.

How to use: With the spatula, dab a small amount onto your cheeks, forehead and chin. Then, use the brush to spread from the middle of your face outward to even out and enhance the complexion. Touch up with your fingertips.

– 1 oz.

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