I am so grateful to be intimately involved in one of the most important and exciting times of a bride’s life!

On your special day, you will be in the spotlight and need to be confident, calm and relaxed. One way to be confident is to look your very best and I will achieve that for you by creating the look you desire. Your wedding makeup plays a big part in how you will look and feel on the day. A common concern of brides is how long their makeup will last. At an all-day event you don’t want to be ducking out of the reception or worrying during the ceremony that your makeup is running off your face or disappearing altogether.

In the pictures that you will treasure for years to come, you will look beautiful, elegant and flawless, regardless of your ethnic background. I will create for you the dream makeup look you desire, and you will not feel like you are suffocating or your face is like a mask. You will barely remember that you have makeup on! You will be the star of the evening! Your wedding day makeup is not about being dramatic nor about being a plain Jane. Unless you require a very bold makeup look for a particular wedding theme or because you love it, remember that bridal makeup falls between casual everyday makeup and more intense evening makeup and you should not look overdone with a thick layer of products on your face. My makeup will enhance your natural beauty and usually lasts at least 8 hours!



I used Amy for my wedding makeup on March 26, 2016 and have nothing but positive things to say. My initial makeup artist, cancelled on me in November, which left me incredibly stressed and worried I wouldn’t find another makeup artist. It actually worked out for the best because then I got to work with Amy! She responded to my initial request right away and fit me in for a trial. She listened to everything I wanted and was able to give me a great look, without making me look/feel like I was wearing too much makeup. On the day of, she arrived early, brought all necessary supplies and did the makeup for myself, 3 of my bridesmaids and my mom. Everyone looked stunning and had their own look they felt confident in. I would recommend Amy to anyone as she is truly a professional and so incredibly nice! Jessica S., March 2016

Life is a journey and our paths have crossed for a reason. I have been in your wedding and played a major role in beautifying you, for a reason. Take a moment and enjoy the soft music to relax and reflect on your life and your actions every day and remember how special you are, we all are, and why we need each other. Love and peace!