In today’s world, makeup plays an important role in the way you look and project yourself.

If you are not sure where to begin and what to apply or how to use cosmetics, a private two-hour personalized makeup lesson, may be what you just need. It is true that when you look good, you feel good and you project that confidence.

I will teach you how to apply the right type of makeup, what tools to use, what is the function of each brush, evaluate your cosmetics and how to take care of your makeup.

Once you learn the correct makeup application techniques to enhance your features, others will notice the difference! My makeup classes also include a private visit to beauty supply stores or makeup stores and purchasing products at pro discount rates! (Trip is extra). 

Taking this class with me is the best gift you can give to yourself.

Makeup lessons are individual sessions or group classes. Select the most convenient to you.

2 hour sessions (for beginner), 1/2 day session (intermediate makeup) or 3 day session (advanced). Email to inquire on dates.

Makeup lessons will be customized to you and depending on what you need, will include:
– face analysis and perfecting skin
– eyebrow shaping and lip shapes
– highlighting and contouring,
– creating a smokey eye with color accent
– everyday makeup
– product knowledge
– brush techniques and information,
– prepare the canvas and correctly conceal undereye area
– applying false lashes
– understanding color theory
– makeup discount and much more!


“Amy did a great job. She didn’t just apply my makeup; she asked me to replicate what she was doing on the other side of my face. She spent a lot of time working with me and I really enjoyed it. Working with Amy is not just a lesson, it’s an education! I think it is easy to make someone look good, it is much more complicated to make the look last and put the makeup on correctly. Amy teaches you that – I did my makeup with her at noon and since then, I have cooked a roast, done several loads of wash, and my daughter said “Mommy your skin is glowing”. Amy is a true professional and time spent with her is money well spent. She does not represent any cosmetic company so whatever she uses spans the “best of the best” with cosmetics. She knows what she is doing and is passionate. Thanks Amy!” Melissa A., December 2013


Meditate, relax, enjoy the peace and quietness of your mind and spirit. Beauty shines from within. You are unique and beautiful no matter what they tell you. I believe compassion is a great characteristic of special human beings who are advanced spiritually. Remember to be kind and loving. When I teach and share my knowledge of makeup with others, I remain humble and compassionate.

As we enhance our ability to really see and feel what is around us, our ability to experience compassion grows. We can reach out, feel care, be kind and help others, not just our loved ones or friends but other living beings in our community and in the world. Being kind and compassionate are core skills that shape relationships between people, and help to create caring communities.