Bridal Makeup

I am so grateful to be intimately involved in one of the most important and exciting times of a bride’s life!

On your special day, you will be in the spotlight and need to be confident, calm and relaxed. One way to be confident is to look your very best and I will achieve that for you by creating the look you desire. Your wedding makeup plays a big part in how you will look and feel on the day. A common concern of brides is how long their makeup will last. At an all-day event you don’t want to be ducking out of the reception or worrying during the ceremony that your makeup is running off your face or disappearing altogether.

In the pictures that you will treasure for years to come, you will look beautiful, elegant and flawless, regardless of your ethnic background. Your wedding day makeup is not about being dramatic nor about being a plain Jane. Unless you require a very bold makeup look for a particular wedding theme or because you love it, remember that bridal makeup falls between casual everyday makeup and more intense evening makeup and you should not look overdone with a thick layer of products on your face. My makeup will enhance your natural beauty and usually lasts at least 8 hours!


UntitledIn-depth makeup trial run: A makeup trial run done before the actual event day or wedding day is very important as you will be able to connect with your makeup artist, experience her work and find out if you are happy with the final result.

During a 1.5 to 2 hour makeup consultation, I will create the look you desire. Airbrush makeup is included for everyone at no extra charge. (Traditional makeup, when preferred, is also used.) Lashes are optional and included for the bride’s trial run and wedding day makeup. Everyone else gets full face makeup with the same attention to detail as the bride. Always striving to go the extra mile, all of my makeup work includes a mini photoshoot to show you how you will look on professional cameras when you will be photographed on the wedding day!

Remember your makeup should not overwhelm your natural beauty. Your makeup look will be carefully designed and you will experience all the products I will use and as a bonus, I will take photos of before and after to show you how your look will be captured by a professional camera on your wedding day.

“I am a 62 year old Asian women whose son is getting married. I don’t normally wear make-up or even own a tube of lipstick and am allergic to many products so this whole make-up process was a bit daunting but I so wanted to look nice for the wedding. Amy was such a great listener about all my concerns, was so interested in what I was wearing so that the make-up could enhanced the whole effect, an amazing teacher in explaining what she was doing and why, and very gentle in her application. I was absolutely thrilled with the outcome that I thought was tailored just for me; I looked and felt 10 years younger! It was a wonderful experience that I enjoyed on so many levels. You really feel like you had a friend who cared about making you be the best that you could be. I could highly recommend her and don’t think you could go wrong in putting yourself in her very capable and highly experienced hands.” Ann S., April 2014


UntitledMakeup Lessons: In today’s world, makeup plays an important role in the way you look and project yourself. If you are not sure where to begin and what to apply or how to use cosmetics, a private two-hour personalized makeup lesson, may be what you just need. It is true that when you look good, you feel good and you project that confidence.

I will teach you how to apply the right type of makeup, what tools to use, what is the function of each brush, evaluate your cosmetics and how to take care of your makeup. Once you learn the correct makeup application techniques to enhance your features, others will notice the difference! I will also, by request, purchase for you the products you need. Taking this class with me is the best gift you can give to yourself !

“Amy did a great job. She didn’t just apply my makeup; she asked me to replicate what she was doing on the other side of my face. She spent a lot of time working with me and I really enjoyed it. Working with Amy is not just a lesson, it’s an education! I think it is easy to make someone look good, it is much more complicated to make the look last and put the makeup on correctly. Amy teaches you that – I did my makeup with her at noon and since then, I have cooked a roast, done several loads of wash, and my daughter said “Mommy your skin is glowing”. Amy is a true professional and time spent with her is money well spent. She does not represent any cosmetic company so whatever she uses spans the “best of the best” with cosmetics. She knows what she is doing and is passionate. Thanks Amy!” Melissa A., December 2013


Untitled2Event Makeup:

Whether it is halloween and you would like to host a party and dress appropriately or for a special occasion, let’s have fun and create a special look for you or a character you think of..

Makeup can be a lot of fun! You will impress your guests!