Dupe concealer for high end | Chantecaille vs. Neutrogena

Having used the neutrogena concealer and being very happy with it, I found its equivalent in the high end department by Chantecaille and it retails for $69. I am quick happy with the neutrogena and have no doubt that the one by chantecaille is excellent, but in this case the price difference is really huge, so I will stick with the neutrogena. What are your thoughts? Here is a description and photo of each product.  Neutrogena┬« Hydro Boost Hydrating Concealer ($15) NEW Neutrogena┬« Hydro Boost Hydrating Concealer applies flawlessly to help mask imperfections. The non-greasy, lightweight formula glides onto skin providing silky-smooth, natural-looking coverage. The unique hydrating core is designed to instantly quench skin. With purified hyaluronic acid Blends effortlessly to hide dark Read More

Black Obsidian Crystal Wand | beauty tools getting weirder

As I am browsing the makeup tool section of Nordstrom’s beauty page, I discover something that I find a bit bizarre.. I mean I did not expect to find this crystal on the Nordies site, and what more is, it says that you use this to smooth your wrinkles.. I mean come on people ! how gullible are women going to be these days? do you really expect me to believe that if I put this stone on my face that my wrinkles will become less visible?  Then if this is extracted from earth, how do you expect to have the entire stock to be the same size ? unless they are a piece made in a lab?  What it Read More

Is your make-up poisoning you? Miranda Kerr’s beauty guru claims she lost her memory and hair at the hands of ‘toxic’ products

Is your make-up poisoning you? Miranda Kerr’s beauty guru claims she lost her memory and hair at the hands of ‘toxic’ products.. Upon reading this article today I did some digging and the more information I found about rms, the more I liked it. I feel compelled to share it with my readers. Rose-Marie was surprised when the technician asked if she worked in the cosmetics industry. Until then she had no idea that cosmetics could contribute to serious health issues. After years of rebuilding her own health, Rose-Marie realized that she wanted to help other women claim their right to healthy beauty. To achieve this goal she created RMS Beauty, her acclaimed line of organic color cosmetics. Rose-Marie is Read More

Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser | clean brand

Suddenly, I am all into cleansers lately. I don’t know why but I go through various phases.. what I avoid for a while, suddenly the desire to rekindle and familiarize myself with that item, burns me till I get that product. For the last few years I was happy using face makeup removers in the format of oil, by the Japanese company called Shu Uemura. But now that I am running out of the last bottle of that precious oil, I am looking into cleansing milk.. and today I am here to show you this bottle by Indie Lee, a brand that I never ventured in before and I have not used it but this is part of my research Read More

Dyson supersonic hair dryer | Is it for you?

This is by far the most expensive and pricey hair dryer. After seeing it on the market about a year ago, I finally decided to buy it a few months ago and tried it.. It looks like a high end tech gadget.. so I was all for it. I mean that’s my area there.. but after using it for about 10 days, I realized my hair no matter what I did and how I styled it, seemed to be dry like straw.. so I ended up returning it sadly. I really wanted to love it and keep it. It retails for $400 and it was not going to be sitting in my hair tool basket doing nothing.. Interestingly while I Read More

The new Clarisonic brush heads are a legend!

Did I tell you how much I enjoy using a Clarisonic brush. Over the years, I had not felt that the Clarisonic brush was going to deliver what I wanted as the brush heads were too harsh at the time, but this year I was at Ulta and saw the new pink brush and decided to give it a try.. it was the best decision ever. I fell in love again with the brush and ordered another device.. so now I have 3 that are sitting in my bathroom and each one carries a different brush head to use as I please whether I need deep cleaning or a lighter cleaning or even a facial massage. Do you use a Read More