Beauty in the “House” by Ardith McCann

Beauty in the “House” For those of you following my adventures in beauty while self-healing—perhaps because you yourself are challenged with a chronic ailment of the GI type—here is what is up with me. Dr. Gregory House, I Presume? Uh, no. But I am putting my best investigative skills toward better understanding and treating my disease. At this point my symptoms point more to Crohn’s than Celiac, or perhaps I have some wonderful hybrid version (wouldn’t that just be my luck). I am pretty sure my diagnosis and treatment will shift as it always did for the TV show character…and presumably with less trauma and a far better outcome for the patient. This past week I was blessed with four Read More

5 Natural Ways to Improve Your Skin | Laurie Larson

Photo by Unsplash When it comes to skin care, we’re willing to try anything that works. Unfortunately, sometimes the products that we see recommended to us may be loaded full of chemicals that are either unsafe for our skin or simply not an option due to allergies and other sensitivities. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is stick to the natural methods that you know work. Check out these five super simple natural methods for naturally improving your skin. 1. Stay hydrated Keeping up with your water intake is one of the easiest things you can do for your skin care, and it’s probably even more effective than any expensive topicals you could put on your face. Read More