Multi-Miracle Glow Cleansing Balm

I have so far admired and liked most of Charlotte Tilbury’s skincare and makeup.. except just one or two. Charlotte Tilbury has a new mask which seems to be also a cleanser. Do you like a cleanser and mask in one? The reviews on this one seem to be quite good.. I am not crazy about a product that doubles up with something totally different. So when I am cleansing my face, do I leave this cream on my face so that it also acts as a mask.. then what happens to the makeup that is sitting blended with the cream. This jar retails for $60 What it is: A cream-to-oil cleanser, mask and remedy balm enriched with vitamins and floral Read More

Blushes: decisions to be made | Charlotte Tilbury MUFE ?

Lately, I am so obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s 2 color blushes.. they are so gorgeous and adorable. I have been debating if I had to pick up just one which would it be? The thought alone stresses me because I know I can’t have just one.. then I am thinking what if I get three from MUFE and put them in the mufe palette.. just like the 3 highlight shades I bought from NYC a month or so ago? big decisions! Here are the ones by Charlotte Tilbury. Here is what Charlotte writes on her website: Darlings, my Cheek to Chic blusher in Ecstasy is a creamy, colour-rich texture in a gorgeous peach pink to enliven dull skin. WHAT MAKES CHEEK TO Read More

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter | demo and full face makeup

Hollywood Flawless Filter $44 Get glossy, starlit skin in seconds with Charlotte Tilbury’s customizable complexion booster. Some products I am loving a lot right now: Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter have you heard of sonia g? this is a great one: this is called number 4 t his is a must have too with this one i wonder if i can feel the difference  

Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette: second thoughts?

Still trying to decide if I will love this palette by Charlotte Tilbury or not.. the sales girl swears by it and as I look at it, I feel like there is something missing.. it just does not have the appeal for me, while her blushes are amazing and I would buy 2 or 3 in a heartbeat! So tell me, have you ever felt that way about a product that everyone is raving about but you can’t bring yourself to like it? well this is one of them for me. It is the eyeshadow palette created by Charlotte Tilbury. Each eyeshadow palette has one color that is shimmery and very glittery if I may say that.. and you are Read More