What makes an eyeshadow palette so special that you want to buy it?

Skin Deep Eye Palette $59.00 sold at www.narscosmetics.com Nars came out with a very nice palette.. what makes an eyeshadow palette a coveted palette is the presentation, packaging and the color combination as well as the quality of the eyeshadow.. These colors are very wearable and this palette seems to be much nicer than the previous 2 that were created by Nars not long ago.. I think they are trying their hand at palettes that will be the envy of many. I am quite tempted to check this palette out but I am exercise restraint because I have plenty of other eyeshadow. But hey you never know.. usually most women who buy makeup and buy more than they need, do Read More

Nars highlighter palettes | beyond gorgeous!

In the last few years, buying highlighters became almost a necessity to every makeup lover. I just saw these 2 highlighting palettes and I find myself eager to see them in person and to buy them. Both are absolutely gorgeous and amazing and with names like coucher de soleil and Reve Sale, these cheek palettes are very hard to resist. If you have light skin like me, you would love to have the lighter shades and for those with skin that is medium to dark, the second palette below would be beautiful on their skin. Upon reading the description it says: A limited-edition cheek palette of opalescent wet/dry highlighting powders I am wondering why would I want to use this Read More

Nars mini orgasm set $29

  Once again Nars is doing these mini sets that are a good price considering their other products where for instance a lipstick alone is sold for $34, these minis are a good way for you to try the product and see if you like it, before being stuck with a full size product that may take a long time to finish and if you don’t like you will be definitely stuck with it. The color of the lipstick and gloss is so adorable and I already have the peach color mini orgasm blush. The name however is something that I am not fond of. With many people such a name for a product could be a bit offensive. The Read More