Hakuhodo Fan Brush | my favorite brush brand and the one brush that shed

ONE OF THE TOP BRUSH BRANDS THAT I LOVE THE MOST IS THE BRAND OF BRUSHES CALLED HAKUHODO WHICH ARE CREATED IN JAPAN. I WENT TO IMATS THIS YEAR 2018 ESPECIALLY TO SEE THE HAKUHODO BRUSHES AND BOUGHT 2 GORGEOUS BRUSHES. and now I am going to say that even with quality brushes, sometimes they shed.. Do you know why brushes shed? how much shedding is acceptable? I appreciate quality brushes and so last year I decided to make a small investment in the Hakuhodo brushes, and picked a few brushes, and a week later placed a second order totaling about $800. I have been happy with all the brushes except one beautiful brush, a fan brush that has been Read More

Makeup Brushes that I love a lot | Japanese and French

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My Trip to New York for IMATS 2018

IMATS STANDS FOR INTERNATIONAL MAKEUP ARTIST TRADE SHOW NEW YORK  APRIL 13-15, 2018 I had previously been a few times to Mind Body Spirit Exhibitions in Sydney, Australia and when I first heard about IMATS which stands for International makeup artists trade show, here in USA, I was curious.. As this show usually takes place either on the west coast or the east coast, in major cities, like New York City, I was unable to go check it out without making a small project out of it. Finally about two weeks ago, and after a few years of hearing about it through the makeup artist magazine which I was subscribed to, and other social media, as I was talking one Read More