VEIL TRANSLUCENT SETTING POWDER by Hourglass Cosmetics | The good and the not so good

Finally a beautiful loose powder from a company that we have learned to trust and rely on: Hourglass Cosmetics. Upon hearing good reviews, I decided to take the plunge and ordered it from the company using my makeup discount which helps a bit. Today I tried it and I am quite happy with it. You need to unscrew the jar, and that is not super smooth, then before doing so, you turn the container upside down and hit it a few times so that the powder can come into the lid, then you open the lid and dip your brush in the powder. I prefer the powder that you shave by twisting an internal lid, but with this one the Read More

One lipstick that you MUST have | Confession lipstick by Hourglass Cosmetics

Super deluxe. Futuristic. Avant garde. These are the first three words that come to my mind when I look at this ultra modern glossy gold lipstick by Hourglass Cosmetics. I finally decided to take the plunge and went ahead with the beautiful lipsticks from hourglass cosmetics. these are elegant lipsticks that came on the beauty market about a year ago and I wanted and waited.. Till I was ready. Now after buying one I decided to add a few more, because the lipstick is actually refillable. You buy the refills for $22 each and the lipstick with the gorgeous elegant gold color casing retails for $34. I decided to get 2 refills and 2 full lipsticks with the gold casing, Read More

A very beautiful face primer – Serum No. 28 Hourglass cosmetics

  AsĀ  you can see from the title, the first adjective that comes to my mind when I think of this primer, is ‘beautiful’.. this is so gorgeous just to look at! I have had this and still have some, though after 2 years the color of the product inside this gorgeous bottle, has turned from pink into transparent.. I love this product and let me tell you this, it goes on smoothly on your face.. it is a mixture of primer and face oil.. never know how to describe this one properly. It is certainly not your typical primer, the one that feels all silicone-ey. This is more like a skincare product. I am not even sure why it Read More

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick – full coverage

  There are sometimes some products that I am really really interested in trying and using for myself and reviewing but I am not able to buy all the products on the market.. so I pass or I wait for a better day.. when I am out of foundation, I will try this stick foundation by Hourglass Cosmetics. It has captured my curiosity since the day it was born. There are many reviews on it on youtube and other blogs, but I want to try it myself and determine how good or bad it is. I no longer trust reviews outside of my channel and blog due to the fact that (a) for promotional purposes many women are no longer Read More