New and fun makeup brushes | Video | January 2019

In this video, uploaded recently, I am sharing with you the latest brushes I have acquired. Some of you may know that I am a brush collector and if I can say a brush addict so be it! Brushes are the extensions of my hands and fingers and when you work with makeup and seek utmost perfection, if possible, then you know that great brushes will help you. In this video there are a few brushes with a totally new concept and I might add: why didn’t anyone think of this shape before? I am not afraid of selecting brushes that may appear unfriendly or unusual at first glance but as time goes by, and as my relationship develops with Read More

It cosmetics powder brushes

This past year I ventured and bought a few brushes from It Cosmetics during my visits to Ulta Beauty Store. The one that I like the most is the one shown below, number 225 a medium size face brush. I like the softness, the price also is not bad. This brush is synthetic and made in China. It retails for $36. I like that it is dome shaped, and just the right size.. Have you used this brush? what do you think about it? Love Beauty Fully Complexion Powder Brush #225 Medium sized fluffy dome with rounded tip designed to pick up the ideal amount of product to evenly blend onto skin. Use with your favorite loose and pressed powders. Read More

Build-a-brow universal taupe Brow Gel | by It Cosmetics

  Jamie says on her website: Why You Will Love IT Combines five different technologies that help you to create, shape, and define your eyebrows. It’s your building fibers, taming creme gel, fill-in powder, and long-wear stain all in one step! This waterproof, 24-hour-wear, budge-proof formula is housed in a glass jar with a specially designed lid. This is for anyone who wants to create natural-looking brows that last, even if you have sparse or missing brows. Anyone who wants to add color and tame brows in one step. Anyone who wants natural-looking brows that help to create a perfect frame of symmetry for the face! Utilizing cutting-edge technology unique to IT Cosmetics, Build-A-Brow is infused with brow-enhancing ingredients. It Read More