Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Matte Lipstick

  When it comes to lipsticks there is one brand that has excelled in creating the most durable and beautiful lipsticks and their packaging rivals with that of the most beautiful lipsticks out there.. I keep my eyes on the latest creations by YSL from time to time, as well as other high end brands to see what is available. It does not mean I am going to buy it immediately. I am sharing with you today what I saw as a new lipstick from YSL, in an orginal format. They had created a square shape lipstick in a tube a while back and now they have returned to it once again. What is it called: Slim matte lipstick  It Read More

Lipstick lovers alert ! LIP PALETTE COLLECTOR SPRING LOOK 2018

Ok everyone, Valentines is coming and you need to prepare yourself! If you have to leave a hint so your other half can know exactly what you want, here is an idea.. I for one, would love to get this lip palette with these amazing bold colors from YSL. Check it out, and tell me it is not pretty! I wonder however why did they feel the need to put 2 reds next to each other, almost identical and 2 beige pink shades also almost identical.. do you see the trend here? most companies do that, whether it is with their eyeshadow palettes or their lip palettes. I don’t understand why but if you know the answer, then please enlighten Read More