A luxurious highlighter | Guerlain Terracotta Electric Light Bronzer Highlighter

Every year Guerlain creates a special edition product and recently they created a very beautiful copper bronzing powder. To me it looks like a gold highlighter. When you touch the product you feel it is gentle and soft on your fingers. Very wearable. As for the packaging, it is la creme de la creme, very beautiful and elegant.. almost like a piece of jewelry. If you don’t own one item from Guerlain, do it a mission for you to get at least one of their compacts. It will be well worth it. Now let’s see what is being said online about this product… Guerlain Terracotta Powder, the emblematic leader in bronzing powder, celebrates the festive season and Guerlain’s 190th anniversary Read More

Guerlain lait de beauté: You must try this cleansing milk

What makes a cleanser something that is worth buying when you can use other products to remove your makeup, such as coconut oil or other oils? Is it worth paying these high prices on these luxurious bottles? So many questions.. When I tried this cleanser today, it was very pleasant, lightweight and with a satin milk texture.. medium consistency and with a light trademark fragrance as per most Guerlain products. According to Guerlain’s US website, it was found that: Skin is comforted, soft and supple for 9 out of 10** women. Skin appears nourished: +36%*. *Self-assessment, 30 women, twice-daily application for four weeks. **Satisfaction test, 30 women, twice-daily application for four weeks. I decided to venture and purchase it and Read More

Diorblush Vibrant Color Powder Blush Compact | beautiful shades

Lately I am falling in love with blushes again and this time I am going not for pinks or rosey shades but more subdued shades like brown and coral shades. As I am browsing in search of the perfect blush, I came across the ones created by Dior and here are three shades that I think I could wear easily. Each compact retails for a whopping $44.00 at neiman marcus or sephora. The shades shown are 943, 756 and 849.  Do you see yourself wearing these kind of shades. There are also the beautiful pinks and reds.. reds or darker pinks are meant for those who have darker skin, while the lighter shades are for pale skin. It blends smoothly Read More