A new overhyped eyeshadow palette or a gem | Pat McGrath’s mothership palettes

Unique. Special. Pigmented. Shimmery. Novelty. Hype. These are the words that come to my mind when I think of PAT MCGRATH LABS MTHRSHP Sublime Bronze Ambition Eyeshadow Palette I saw these for the first time on youtube, so I can basically say “youtube made me buy it” lol.. but I knew they were different and I knew that I really wanted to try them at some point.. I could see they were well made just by looking at pictures online.. then came the reviews and they were mostly good.. I am yet to see a negative review of the palette. Everyone says the shimmery eyeshadow pan is highly pigmented and has power to make your eyes stand out.   I was recently Read More


Right this moment I am asking myself who is this Pat McGrath and why did her eyeshadow palette catch my attention… of all the palettes that come and go, I look and say I can do without this one and shrug but here I find myself wanting to buy this palette. Seriously! I am considering buying it. It is like when I see something that is out of the ordinary, I immediately and instinctively recognize that it is good and that it is worth acquiring.. Not that I need any more eyeshadow palettes. I admit it, it has potential.. it is new, unusual and comes in a fancy modern packaging.. almost avant garde.. We seem to be in a time Read More