Alumina: an ingredient in sunscreens..

A fellow instagrammer suggested I try a product called Australian Gold, which is a mineral sunscreen that is also tinted.. I took a close look to the list of ingredients and saw one called alumina. I researched it to find out what it is.. and here is what I found out. Aluminum Oxide does not penetrate the skin. Both the FDA and BDIH regard it as safe to use for cosmetic purposes. However, it must be noted that aluminum is a neurotoxin. Alumina, also known as aluminum oxide, is an inorganic compound consisting of oxygen and aluminum. … Alumina is used in cosmetic and personal care products as an abrasive , anti-caking agent, anti-bulking agent and as an absorbent . Read More

NeoStrata Refine Sheer Hydration SPF 35 | Protect and hydrate your skin

I am overjoyed when this #neostrata company sends me their latest skincare to try and review ! Time and time again, I have come to realize that they really pay attention to quality and that each one of their products surpasses the other one!! The Refine Sheer Hydration contains spf 35 and will be great for use in summer or if you spend a few hours under the sun each day. I remember seeing online not long ago the picture of a truck driver who drove always the same road to go to his work and one side of his face was always exposed to the sun while the other side was left in the shade in the truck. After Read More