A year later | Wayne Goss Anniversary Set 2 brush review

    This is the Wayne Goss brush set I had bought in February of 2018 from beautylish and I was really excited about it. I thought I want to do a review of it a year after I purchased it to give you my thoughts on it. Reason being is that when we buy something new and it first arrives and we are holding it in our hands, and even after a month of use, sometimes we are still under the effect of the novelty and excitement and it is only after a good amount of time passes that we are able to evaluate and describe our exact feelings and impressions of that product. With that in mind, let’s Read More

Wayne Goss Anniversary Set Vol. 2 | complete brush set review

For all brush lovers, please note : This is a video I did showing you the brushes created in Japan for Goss Makeup Artist. These are excellent brushes and you will learn to love and cherish each and every one of them. The large one can be used with cream products as well as powder products. It is partly synthetic and partly natural goat hair. The others are goat hair brushes and the small straight cut brush is fully synthetic. They are all the brushes that you need to create beautiful makeup looks. I purchased them from beautylish.com online for $240 and split over 3 months so it is a big expense all at once.