Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Matte Lipstick

  When it comes to lipsticks there is one brand that has excelled in creating the most durable and beautiful lipsticks and their packaging rivals with that of the most beautiful lipsticks out there.. I keep my eyes on the latest creations by YSL from time to time, as well as other high end brands to see what is available. It does not mean I am going to buy it immediately. I am sharing with you today what I saw as a new lipstick from YSL, in an orginal format. They had created a square shape lipstick in a tube a while back and now they have returned to it once again. What is it called: Slim matte lipstick  It Read More

One of the best nude lipsticks | YSL couture lipstick LE NU

Le Nu Rouge Pur Couture This lipstick retails for $37.00 at various locations: Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and of course on the YSL website When you are shopping for a nice nude lipstick, you may come across this color by YSL. This is a high-end lipstick and it is very smooth and yet pigmented. It spreads easily on the lips and stays for a few hours. The best lipsticks are the satin lipsticks. Matte lipsticks tend to dry your lips even if you wear a lip balm underneath or a lip primer. Have you tried a YSL lipstick before? What was your favorite shade? Here is what you read on the neiman marcus website for this lipstick.. when you try Read More

YSL limited edition eyeshadow palette | teal and pale blue | just gorgeous

Limited Edition Urban Escape Summer Collection – Couture Collector Eye Palette This compact retails for $60.00 at neiman marcus department store. I saw this limited edition palette online as I was browsing today. It caught my attention as it is so gorgeous. There are 2 shades that I am sure will be very useful. The other 2 darker shades on the bottom are a little bit less practical but they go nicely in the palette and can be used as eyeliner if desire. The palette is a high end palette and as always with Yves Saint Laurent, the price starts at $60 and it is sold in high end department stores. What we find on the website if we decide Read More