YSL limited edition eyeshadow palette | teal and pale blue | just gorgeous

Limited Edition Urban Escape Summer Collection – Couture Collector Eye Palette This compact retails for $60.00 at neiman marcus department store. I saw this limited edition palette online as I was browsing today. It caught my attention as it is so gorgeous. There are 2 shades that I am sure will be very useful. The other 2 darker shades on the bottom are a little bit less practical but they go nicely in the palette and can be used as eyeliner if desire. The palette is a high end palette and as always with Yves Saint Laurent, the price starts at $60 and it is sold in high end department stores. What we find on the website if we decide Read More

Lipstick lovers alert ! LIP PALETTE COLLECTOR SPRING LOOK 2018

Ok everyone, Valentines is coming and you need to prepare yourself! If you have to leave a hint so your other half can know exactly what you want, here is an idea.. I for one, would love to get this lip palette with these amazing bold colors from YSL. Check it out, and tell me it is not pretty! I wonder however why did they feel the need to put 2 reds next to each other, almost identical and 2 beige pink shades also almost identical.. do you see the trend here? most companies do that, whether it is with their eyeshadow palettes or their lip palettes. I don’t understand why but if you know the answer, then please enlighten Read More

Yves Saint Laurent Full Metal Shadow | Love or naah?

Can you pick a shade? which one do you like above all? How likely are you to use this metallic eyeshadow? Questions, questions? I wonder as I am looking at these and investigating this jewel-like pieces from YSL. I saw these gorgeous liquid eyeshadow at Nordstrom last month, and resisted the urge to buy one at least.. I found that they are highly metallic and not everyone can wear well the high impact metallic shades. They each cost $30 plus tax and that is not cheap. As I did have previously metallic eyeshadow I recall they had dried up, as these are most of the time water based products – or some sort of liquid that does not stand heat Read More